Japaneseness across the Pacific and Beyond(ジャパニーズネスは太平洋を越える/超える)

Japaneseness across the Pacific and Beyond(ジャパニーズネスは太平洋を越える/超える)

小澤 智子/編著
発売日 : 2019/1/23

書名カナ ジャパニーズ アクロス ザ パシフィック アンド ビヨンド
判型/製本 A5/上製
ページ数 288
ISBN 978-4-7791-2559-1
Cコード 0022
「ジャパニーズネスは太平洋を越える/超える」。古今東西、文化の交流や商品の貿易、人の移動は、さまざまな要素と目的を伴う。本書は北東アジアと北米間の「ジャパニーズ」の歴史的構築を分析した論考。すべて英文の論集。小澤 智子978-4-7791-2559-1

“Introduction” by Tomoko Ozawa

Part 1--Appropriating Japaneseness: Advocates, Activists, and Educators

Chapter 1, “The Perils of Heritage Learning in their Ancestral Land:
Educating Japanese American Nisei as ‘Foreign-Born Compatriots’
of the Empire” by Eiichiro Azuma

Chapter 2, “Making Acceptable Women:
Michi Kawai’s Advancement and Autonomy” by Tomoko Ozawa

Chapter 3, “Building More than Houses in Hiroshima:
Floyd Schmoe's Relief Activities” by Hisami Hasegawa)

Part 2--Nationalizing Japaneseness:
Political Discussions in Japan and the US

Chapter 4, “Japanese Interracial Families in the United States,
1879-1900: What the Census Manuscript Population Schedules Reveal”
by Miya Shichinohe-Suga

Chapter 5, “Leisure in Desperation: The Alliance and Axis of Rhetoric
in the Global Recreation Movement 1930-1945”
by Yuko Itatsu

Part 3--Experiencing and Expressing Japaneseness:
North American Nikkei Communities

Chapter 6, “Bobbed or Long Hair?: Beauty Ideals and Practices
in the Nikkei Community”
by Michiyo Kitawaki

Chapter 7, “Ship Names: Reeling the Identities of
Japanese Fishermen in Canada”
by Norifumi Kawahara

Chapter 8, “Nikkei Place: Redefining the Meanings of
Nikkei in Canada”
by Yuukichi Niwayama
小澤 智子
EDITOR : Tomoko Ozawa.
Searching Ethnic America:Multiple Approaches to
"E Pluribus Unum"』所収、
「人の移動とアメリカ」研究プロジェクト 編、彩流社、
共訳書に『日系アメリカ移民 二つの帝国のはざまで
  忘れられた記憶 1868-1945』
(東 栄一郎 Eiichiro Azuma 著、飯野正子・長谷川寿美・
小澤智子・飯野朋美・北脇実千代 訳、明石書店、2014年)

Eiichiro Azuma is the Alan Charles Kors Term Chair
Associate Professor of History and Interim Director
of Asian American Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania.

Hisami Hasegawa is a part-time lecturer at Keio University.

Yuko Itatsu is an associate professor
at the University of Tokyo.

Norifumi Kawahara is a professor at Ritsumeikan University.

Michiyo Kitawaki is an associate professor
at Nihon University.

Yuukichi Niwayama is a part-time lecturer
at Chuo University, Seijo University, Sophia University,
and Musashi University.

Tomoko Ozawa is an associate professor
at Musashino Art University.

Miya Shichinohe-Suga is a professor
at Tokyo Gakugei University.